Media: Company magazine embraces the jet set

Heathrow Airport is not a place where you would expect to find the offices of a fashion and lifestyle magazine.

Company Magazine at Heathrow
Company Magazine at Heathrow

But, two weeks ago, Company's 30 journalists decamped to Terminal 5 as part of the magazine's 'Hello World' campaign, which aims to educate young women about worldwide travel. For PROs, this campaign offers a new way to gain coverage for clients.

Hello World was launched in December, in response to feedback that showed readers were finding it increasingly hard to find jobs in the UK, but were worried that going travelling instead could impact negatively on their careers.

So far, features have included case studies of women who have taken time out of their career to work or travel overseas, and letters written by bosses, including The Outside Organisation's CEO Alan Edwards, about the impact they think travel has on career prospects.

Company is to run monthly features on international travel, and its March edition, which hits the newsstands in mid-February, will run a selection of features including fashion shoots at Terminal 5 and interviews with airline staff.

This campaign offers a new theme for PROs to engage with. 'Anyone with any links to travel could talk to us, and by that I don't just mean travel firms,' says editor Victoria White. 'Suncream companies could do tie-ups and book PROs could also get in touch. We had wanted to try to get a travel book club off the ground while we were at Terminal 5, but we ran out of time. Perhaps this is something we could start online.'

The campaign fits into Company's traditional editorial agenda. White says the magazine is for 18- to 30-year-old women who are in their 'freedom years' - before mortgages, marriage and children.

'A Company reader is a bit more fashion-forward, edgy, confident, fun, enjoys shopping and going out. Her mates are really important to her,' she says. White adds that Company's fashion and beauty is more experimental than rivals and that music is very important.

Eden Cancan senior account executive Skye Graham agrees that Company is very 'fashionforward' with its trends: 'Company likes to know what our clients are planning to bring out in forthcoming seasons. We see the magazine as being for young women who are interested in real shopping and want to find out about brands they would really buy. If Grazia is for fantasy shopping, then Company is for reality.'

Both Graham and John Doe Communications' account manager Debora Burns believe Company has a broader remit than rivals. 'In addition to fashion/beauty/celeb gossip, you can learn about technology and art, which you might not expect from traditional female magazines,' says Burns.

But if you want to get into Company, make sure you are targeting the correct journalist and not sending items directly to the editor. White warns that she deletes emails from people she does not know.

A MINUTE WITH ... Victoria White, editor, Company

- Who are your main rivals?

We compete against all women's magazines, but our main rival is time and the internet. Rather than reading a magazine while commuting, people like to scroll through their smart phones and log on to Facebook and Twitter. AngryBirds is our biggest competition.

- Advice for PR professionals

Target the pitch to the right person. Do not send it to me. I delete emails from people I don't know. That is not me being precious, it's because I have so much else to do and receive about 60 emails every ten minutes. It is not physically possible for me to read them all, although I do try to forward on work experience requests. Also, it is rare that cold-pitching works, unless it is a genuinely good story. If that is the case, then we would jump on it, as we are always looking for a good human interest story. And please do not argue with me when I say something is not right for our readers.

- When are your deadlines?

We need a story with more legs than a news piece, because we work six weeks ahead of the on-sale date. We go to press a month before and we plan two months in advance. We also have themed editions: our May issue features our readers, while we cover festivals during the summer and always go to Ibiza for the August issue. For our website, get in touch at any time.

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