From Feedback - Did BAA get comms right on snow crisis?

I got the message from BAA's comms team...

While I was personally very frustrated by BAA's extended closure of Heathrow before Christmas... I was pleased with its comms response ('Research exposes comms failures by BAA',, 13 January). It seemed as though the BAA spokesman was on the news almost every hour, providing live updates and explaining the details of why exactly the airport was closed. I also found the update message on its homepage quite useful. I got the message not to travel to the airport for safety reasons very early on. Emily Iwan

...but it should have made safety a priority

The BAA message on additional spend was the most positively received by the general public. I agree though that public safety is and should have been a priority communication. Luke Willats

Will the Cabinet Office listen to the experts?...

Oh dear, it looks like the Cabinet Office has no idea ('Cabinet Office appoints roundtable of comms experts to help decide future of COI',, 13 January). Will it know a good recommendation when it sees one? Laurence Gould

...and will it actually act on the advice given?

Same old, same old: whatever the problem, the Government doesn't actually have the courage to make a decision - just form a committee of grandees to pontificate and produce a report, then carry on as normal. There's a particular irony in Peter Gershon being involved, as his 2004 report on public sector efficiency appears to have achieved little... Alastair MacDonald.

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