ANALYSIS: THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION - What are you prepared to sacrifice for your career?

Research has shown women are more likely than men to make sacrifices for a career

Research has shown women are more likely than men to make

sacrifices for a career

Claire Backhurst, GCI Group

’My lungs, my liver and my love life have all taken a beating in pursuit

of a successful career in PR. Last year, during a particularly busy

time, I felt like Bridget Jones, with the long working hours confirming

my singleton status. I even had to move from dreamy Paris to rainy

London for work, but I wouldn’t go so far as to head for the promotion

sofa - not even for a Pierce Brosnan or a George Clooney.’

Angie Searle, Cohn and Wolfe

’Well, it’s a struggle: coke with the cornflakes, lunch with the luvvies

and tea with Tara and the girls, that’s before the endless round of

parties. How anyone gets time for cheating, lying and sleeping with the

boss, I don’t know. On a more serious note, I believe in recognising

both hard work and family and social commitments, and encourage the team

to maintain a balance between these aspects of their lives.’

Megan Reynolds, Equal Opportunities Commission

’You’d be surprised what people will do to get on, but sleeping with the

boss is really pushing it. I’m lucky: so far I haven’t had to make any

real sacrifices. I don’t really have any commitments, which is


I’ve made sacrifices in my sports, my wanderlust and my social life. But

PR is a very social job, so in a way you just have to exchange one

social life for another.’

Philippa Williams, Charles Barker BSMG Worldwide

’I’m eight months pregnant with my first baby, and it’s all part of a

new business drive: I thought a real case study for photography, product

testing etc would all help with enticing a new toy client! I think the

industry is increasingly family-friendly, and judging by some women at

the top of the profession, it seems to be the career where you can

really have it all.’

Jenny Reid, Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital Trust

’My generation has grown up with the myth of the superwoman who didn’t

have to compromise to have it all. The absence of superhuman powers

shouldn’t mean that we have to make superhuman sacrifices to get on.

I hope to continue to succeed in PR by doing a really good job and

working hard. If that ever felt like a sacrifice, I’d be in the wrong


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