Vodafone refuses to engage proactively with tax-avoidance protesters

Vodafone is refusing to engage with tax-avoidance protesters, as the brand seeks to avoid further negative publicity.

Targeted: Vodafone stores
Targeted: Vodafone stores

Campaigners claiming Vodafone has been let off an unpaid tax bill of £6bn spent last weekend blockading several stores. The story has refused to go away despite Vodafone denying the allegations.

Speaking to PRWeek, the firm's group comms chief Bobby Leach said he was resisting any proactive PR drive to set the record straight.

Leach said: 'The evidence is there for people who want to look, but I would question whether people want to find out about it.

'You have an uphill battle if you take a proactive stance, with the risk of it becoming very high-profile if you do. Then you run the risk of making yourself more of a target.'

Leach also claimed that another reason to shy away from proactive engagement was that the issue was 'too complex to explain in a succinct way'. Instead, the company has placed a statement and Q&A on its website and is fielding calls from the media.

Tax-avoidance protesters have also targeted Topshop.

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