From Feedback - Today's Katie Price 'stunt' will backfire

- Radio show does not need audience boost

With the last Radio Joint Audience Research figures showing record listener numbers for Radio 4's Today programme at 6.9 million, it is hardly a show in desperate need of a PR stunt to drum up attention ('BBC Today programme's link-up with Katie Price labelled 'stunt",, 23 November).

I think Shine Communications' Rachel Bell is right when she said this move to hire Jordan would have alienated more of the show's loyal listeners than gain new long-term fans.

How many Jordan/Katie Price fans are going to stick around for Thought of the Day when Jeremy Kyle is about to start on ITV?

Rick Guttridge

- Civil unrest and kettling schoolchild protesters

Metropolitan Police chief Sir Paul Stevenson's predictions of widespread civil unrest are 'puzzling' indeed ('Met Police chief's predictions of widespread civil unrest are 'puzzling",, 26 November).

As is the need to 'kettle' school kids for nine hours for simply taking part in a legal protest. This was dire.

Martin Ballatyne

- BP's media chief was more than a messenger

I agree with the statement, to a degree, that Andrew Gowers leaving BP is a case of 'the messenger gets shot' ('Media chief Andrew Gowers exits BP as part of communications revamp',,24 November), but surely such a senior role should entail more than simply being the 'messenger'.

I would certainly want this reassurance if I were to be the next incumbent.

Jonathan Hemus

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