Tara Hamilton-Miller: Playboy Prince lets Royals down

Check out the footage of the recent G20 Summit in Seoul.

Tara Hamilton-Miller
Tara Hamilton-Miller

In the last day line-up of leaders, they are all asked to wave for the cameras.

All but one obliges, the new Aussie Premier particularly enjoying herself.

However, Cameron refuses, like the kid at school who refuses to smile in the class photo, or the child on the school trip, too cool to do the 'thumbs-up, crazy-face' pose outside the Hard Rock Cafe, Paris.

Not looking too cast of 'Glee' will hold Cameron in good stead for the soon-to-be-released awkward revelations about him on the Wikileaks' website. There may be mild embarrassment, but I'm sure he would far rather take on the chin a few negative comments than have made public what he said about the other international chiefs. There by the grace of God goes he.

Of course, world leaders are all going to blether about each other after these meetings. It should not be a shock. We've all done it, gone to a dinner party and dissected the marriages on the way home, drunkenly musing: 'He's a perv, she's needy'. They are political, they have egos and, in positions of power, they all want the biggest set of antlers. This is why it will be interesting to see how the leaders react to the personal tittle-tattle about them.

Our roving Royal mascot is a different matter. Prince Andrew's ignorant comments and behaviour are not new revelations either; we have always known he was not the brightest. But does the Prince really have that much business clout; how many British companies can proudly say, 'it was Andrew who won it' when they are successful in some megabucks global contract?

Labour MP, John Mann was delighted with his 90 seconds of fame, when he demanded on the BBC: 'We have a right to know what Prince Andrew is doing.' The answer is very little. He turns up at destinations with 18 holes, chats up Roberto Cavalli-clad 'ladies' and fits in a brief meeting. These are not times for Playboy Princes; can't we just put him out to pasture in the Algarve?

The Royal family has declined to comment; this is no surprise and there is no defence.

They are very lucky they have speculations about Kate Middleton's wedding gown to blot out this twit's behaviour.

- Tara Hamilton-Miller is a political adviser and formerly worked for the Conservative Party press team.

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