Hit or Miss? Qantas Airways cashes in on Twitter user's Ashes anguish

Howzat? When an American woman was pestered by Twitter cricket fans, Qantas Airways was quick to spot an opportunity for good publicity.

Ashley Kerekes got increasingly annoyed after she was bombarded with messages because her screen name is @theashes. 'I AM NOT A FREAKING CRICKET MATCH!!!', she howled into the Twittersphere. As she gained thousands of followers, Qantas promptly offered to fly her to Australia to see The Ashes.


Qantas has more serious reputational issues to manage - albeit not all of its own making. So, offering a free flight to Oz to a girl in Westfield, Massachusetts, is not going to make a dent, however much coverage it might generate.

My immediate thought when I heard the story was, 'I wonder if she'll be flying in an Airbus with a dodgy engine...?'

That said, it might be a hit for Ashley herself. She is attracting thousands of followers (Why? What are they expecting?). She quickly started selling 'I am not a freaking cricket match!!!' T-shirts. Good luck to her.

But if Qantas wants to give away some flights to The Ashes, there are worthier causes. This is a miss for me. That said, I am in the process of changing my name by deed poll to Sweet Chariot in advance of next year's Rugby World Cup.

Air New Zealand take note ... MISS.

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