CAMPAIGNS: Weekly Web Watch - PwC invites views from stakeholders

Organisation: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Organisation: PricewaterhouseCoopers

Issue: Communicating with stakeholders


PricewaterhouseCoopers reckons it is the first professional services firm

to set up a dedicated web site to show how it’s performing, and to allow

stakeholders to tell it what it’s doing right - and wrong.

The site was launched in May this year and is introduced by Kieran

Poynter, a UK senior partner, who explains that the site was set up in

response to a greater need for businesses to demonstrate their

responsibilities outside of traditional financial reporting.

Many of PwC’s clients are companies that are becoming increasingly aware

of the need to measure and benchmark the influence and opinion of

stakeholders - be they employees or people in the community. The

pwctalking web site intends to set an example of how a company can have a

dialogue with stakeholders.

The site aims to ’explore and understand the relationship the firm has

with its diverse set of stakeholders’. These fall into three main

categories: ’clients’, ’people’ and ’community’.

At the top of the introduction page there are three main sections - ’Our

firm’, ’Our approach’ and ’Our impact’. ’Our firm’ sets out the company’s

areas of expertise and its commitment to values. The structural review

that PwC has undergone since the merger in 1998 is discussed in some


The section also discusses the company’s strategic imperatives.

In the ’Our impact’ area of the site the results of customer surveys are

displayed. The blurb explains that it is no longer appropriate to rely on

anecdotal comment and so PwC conducts face-to-face and postal surveys to

find out their clients’ views. The various service-sectors are each given

a pie-chart indicating client satisfaction. One of the charts reveals that

26.8 per cent of clients found that the service PwC offers ’exceeded

expectations’ whereas 3.5 per cent found that expectations were not met.

’Our impact’ also contains sections on employees, the community and the

environment. The latter explains PwC’s policy with regard to issues such

as emissions and recycling.

There is a ’Give us your view’ section, enabling the user to send their

comments or ask a question of the company. PwC has a dedicated team set up

to respond to comments and queries. When a comment, question or criticism

is received PwC will contact the relevant person in its organisation who

can respond with a comment on the issue.

The web site is easily navigated and is not cluttered with graphics.

Jon Bunn, PwC’s UK head of media relations, says that the site aims to

bring greater transparency to the company.

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