From Feedback - Is the COI the best way to deliver policy?

- COI's cronyism is not that different to EU

How can you describe something that protected ministries from tortuous European procurement procedures as an 'unimpeachable buying process' ('COI's PR director Oliver Hickson leaves as part of redundancies,', 10 November)? Are you saying they essentially bypassed EU rules? I guess those agencies that did not make it on to rosters could equally argue that the COI created cronyism of a different type.

Alastair MacDonald

- Delivering policies and value for money

The COI exists to deliver efficiency and value for money through campaigns that deliver government policy. The COI is trying to save people from strokes, cancer, get young people to stay in education and support the free schools policy. To dismiss this role is short sighted. Pitching through COI is a lot fairer than the normal practice experienced in the private sector, which is why agencies fight tooth and nail to be on the roster. Oliver Hickson is a great loss to COI. I only hope that he secures a position commensurate with his skills and experience.

Laurence Gould

- CEOs must learn that the brand comes first

I'd like to say you can reason with crisis but you cannot; it is best just to say sorry and move on to better times ('Rolls-Royce has "whiff of BP about it" as it issues statement on defective engines,', 12 November). Why should a few stubborn CEOs be allowed to ruin a brand? A courageous step is sometimes just to admit you screwed up and you do not have the answers. These people need to see how the front line handles screw-ups. The brand comes first; it has to for those at the top.

Dara Bell.

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