From Feedback - Is social commerce a lost PR opportunity?

- Realise the benefits that s-commerce offers

I'm sure we all know the term 'e-commerce' (electronic commerce), the practice of buying and selling products or services over the internet. But have you heard of f-commerce? This refers to trading on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, describes it as a social utility which enables people to communicate with the public.

But businesses need to understand the wider social networks that are available and how they, like f-commerce, can directly support their business in the shortand long-term.

Whereas f-commerce reflects the direct trading opportunities provided by Facebook, s-commerce (social commerce) reflects the complete picture, in terms of consumer engagement, brand perception and architecture - and, ultimately, market positioning.

The benefits of s-commerce are virtually endless. They allow businesses to communicate with their preferred audience. They enable organisations to connect with consumers and stakeholders and if used correctly, can replace or support some traditional media channels ...

Jason Kelly

- Don't force people to do community service

There is a huge difference between people who volunteer for community service, and those who will effectively be told to take part to ensure they keep their jobseekers' allowance ('Archbishop of Canterbury's welfare comments attacked as "a kick in the teeth" to congregation',, 8 November).

Dr Williams' point is that people already at a low ebb asked to do community service to hold on to the last funds they have may feel embarrassed/depressed ...

Luke Willats.

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