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Posted by Stephen Davies

1 November: For the past two years, I've been putting together a list of UK journalists using Twitter that has been positively received from both PRs and journos. The lists from 2008 and 2009 can be found here. Because everyone likes a list, I've created this follow-up post almost one year since the last one...


Posted by Brendan Cooper

29 October: I just spent five minutes waiting for my laptop to boot up. It's a standard spec, running the dog's breakfast that is Vista, but it should not take that long. In a world of cloud computing, could we be looking ahead to instant start-up as clients get thinner? I doubt it. I've documented my history with computing on this blog before, but very briefly you go ZX81, ZX Spectrum, IBM PC running DOS, GEM (a precursor to Windows), Windows, self-built PC, and now I'm the proud owner of four networked machines that all do their own thing in their own inimitable way ...


Posted by Phil Szomszor

28 October: My favourite social network has to be Meetup. If you haven't heard of it, Meetup is an online network of local groups that enables people to organise events - or 'meetups' - for free. While Meetup is a little under the social networking radar, it's surprisingly popular, with 7.2 million members worldwide and 250,000 monthly meetups in 45,000 towns and cities ...

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