Opinion: From our Readers - A gaffe or publicity stunt for Gap's logo?

Call me a cynic, but I've been reading the Gap logo 'design' story with increasing disbelief (prweek.com/uk, 12 October).

Really? Did a global brand like Gap (whose distinctive logo encapsulates so much of not only its brand value but also clothing designs) seriously approve a new logo more at home on 1980s software packaging than a trademark sweatshirt? Do I honestly believe that after spending millions on a redesign, Gap is backing down because 2,000 people complained on its Facebook page?

Is this 'gaffe' no more than clever coverage-generating and reverse crowd-sourcing opportunity? I doubt very much that saying 'Gap is launching an online consumer initiative to help redesign the logo' would have had half as much coverage and debate, as the BBC put it: 'Gap scraps new logo after online outcry.'

Whatever the case, Mark Hansen, president of Gap Brand North America, is the hero of the day, revealing that the company has been 'listening' and 'watching' and that the much loved original logo will indeed be reinstated as customers 'always come first'. Hurrah.

Power to the consumer or brands getting clever about headline-grabbing crowd-sourcing? At best, Gap needs some immediate social media and comms advice. At worst, and if the latter is true, it may have adversely damaged relationships with some of its most vocal customers. Time will tell.

Stephanie MacLeod, director, Kaizo

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