From Feedback - Has Sir Philip Green hit the nail on the head?

Government has no excuse for ineffiency ... I was initially sceptical about David Cameron hiring Green ('"Mixed messages" created by Philip Green's role as Government efficiency adviser',, 11 October).

However, having watched Robert Peston's interview and read the article, it might just turn out to be a very shrewd political and organisational management move - especially if it results in the kind of savings we are led to believe are possible.

Government does not exist to make a profit, but that does not excuse inefficiency and absences of proper financial controls and accountability that Green says he has found.

Andy M Turner

- ... but Green's statement is 'utter nonsense'

Green says: 'There is no reason why the Government should not be as efficient as any good business.' There are lots of reasons why this statement is utter nonsense. The main one being that businesses exist solely to make a profit, whereas the Government does not. To say that asking a man who offshored £1.2bn in his wife's name to avoid tax to advise the Government on waste is 'slightly discordant' is a whopping great understatement.

John Coventry

- BP global comms role offers great opportunity

This really is one for someone who likes a challenge ('Oil giant BP seeks global comms chief as part of restructure',, 7 October). But, like a football manager who takes over a relegation-threatened club that is underperforming, there is a considerable opportunity. It will be a fascinating and probably career-defining role for the appointee.

Jonathan Hemus

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