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SO MUCH TO SEE AT IKEA - Ged Carroll, 12 October

The line between public relations and customer services has become increasingly blurred as online campaigns in particular have gone directly to the consumer. However, staff at an IKEA store in California took things to the next level when they shot an eight-episode soap opera covertly in their store with IKEA-designed backdrops. Find out more about IKEA Heights ...

NI TO UP PAYWALL CONTENT - Matt Bourn, 6 October

It started with The Times and The Sunday Times, with the News Of The World (on the back of some cracking high-profile stories this summer) joining them behind the paywall later this month. Now details are emerging of a more sophisticated news aggregation platform that NI is developing for its brands and third-party publishers.

This is a definite 'watch this space' moment to see how much more content disappears behind a paywall during the coming months and into 2011 ...

FACEBOOK ON TO A WINNER - Paul Armstrong, 6 October

Facebook is not resting on its laurels and is out to grow and grow. I view these announcements as good moves and, if users use the tools correctly, Facebook has just upped its signal and lessened the noise.

As with everything Facebook, the proof is in the users and the way they are enabled to understand these changes. These are important steps for Facebook in the ongoing PR and ever-challenging feature wars.

If I were at Google, I would be watching uptake closely ...

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