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PAYBACK TIME FOR MoS - Ged Carroll, 4 October

Two articles caught my attention today. First, WARC pointed out that German advertisers were using campaigns aimed at boosting their image rather than increasing sales. This trend had been responsible for a boost in advertising - surely some of that money could have been better spent on PR? Second was the news that consumers participating in Operation Payback attacked and took down the Ministry of Sound's website including its payment services ...

SNIPER APPROACH IS BEST - Matt Bourn, 30 September

A long time ago, when I started out in PR, I was taught by an old master that there were two approaches to PR - the shotgun and the sniper. The shotgun approach described the indiscriminate wide-spread firing of news releases with the hope that you hit something and it stuck. The sniper approach was far more stealth-like, involving the tracking and study of your target and a carefully selected bullet or two to achieve a result. I always prefer the sniper approach...

NORTH DISADVANTAGED? - Adam Clyne, 28 September

This weekend, I was in sunny Manchester (yes, it really was sunny) - my first time home since Christmas. I spent the early part of my career up North working for some really vibrant and creative PR and advertising agencies. Six years later though, I'm now totally embedded in the London comms scene. One question went through my mind. Can a Manchester consumer PR agency compete with a London-based one?...

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