From Feedback - Should public sector PROs fight Panorama?

Comms industry needs to stand up for itself

Comms is caught between a rock and a hard place - justify your existence and risk alienating the Government, or say nothing and just take the salary/budget cuts that will be dished out unless a campaign is launched ('BBC's Panorama reveals around 50 public sector PROs earn over £100,000,', 21 September).

Personally I think it is sad that all through the debate about cuts, there has not been any meaningful formal response from the industry.

Simon Francis

- How much do staff at the BBC earn?

It is sad that Panorama has now reduced its editorial approach to pitiful stories like 'Vets who overcharge' or comms people who earn more than £100k. How much does the Panorama editor or presenter earn? Strangely, they work for a publicly funded broadcaster.

How about we do an Freedom of Information request and produce an ITV show on BBC wastage? They'd take out an injunction to stop it. If you combined the 50 PROs who earn over £100k, it still wouldn't amount to the annual taxi bill for staff and guests at the BBC.

Neil Henderson

- Don't fight the criticism and risk more exposure

No sympathy whatsoever from this quarter. Don't fight it and risk exposing yourselves. Just line up and take the medicine.

Being surplus to requirements during the hard times means you'll be progressively more redundant as this recession takes hold and exposes the overpaid parasites and the hangers on.

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