Editor's Desk: Trevor Baxter, Snookered

A new magazine for cue sports has just launched in the UK. Editor Trevor Baxter tells PRWeek why PR agencies are on his 'pet hate list'.

Trevor Baxter: editor, Snookered
Trevor Baxter: editor, Snookered

Describe the magazine
Snookered is a monthly, stand alone, digitally interactive consumer magazine aimed at an audience who play or are associated with cue sports in the UK, ROI & worldwide.  The magazine will be a mix of news, interviews, products and lifestyle. It will be edgy, funny, serious and at times controversial. It will also have regular features including company and player profiles across cue sports as well as monthly poker and darts reports. It also needs to give the reader the feel of a lifestyle publication and will have lifestyle features and articles & product news pages.

Describe your readers
The people who will read this publication vary across the social chart. The audience will be people from all walks of life who play cue sports throughout the UK & Ireland, whether they are professional players in these sports or club members who play socially. They are virtually untapped by advertisers. The publication is also distributed worldwide through associations and social networks.

Who are your competitors and what makes you different?
Our competitor is Snooker Scene which is a print only magazine. The difference between Snookered and Snooker Scene, is that SS is a magazine which covers more facts, figures and results. Snookered magazine looks at the sports in a different way by its editorial direction and also its consumer angle.

What makes a good story for the mag?We're interested in the human interest side of our subjects as opposed to simply statistics and facts. We all know players can pot balls; that's why they play cue sports.  But we want to find our more about them as people. We want to stimulate and provoke debate.

Of which story are you most proud? We've only done two main issues so content has been limited. But we landed exclusive interviews with World Snooker chairman, Barry Hearn, and World Champion, Neil Robertson in our first two issues.

What opportunities are there for PROs to get coverage and what tips can you give them to be successful? There are plenty of opportunities for PR firms, especially if they can provide us with something out of the ordinary. However, many PR companies, including leading ones, don't appreciate that you actually know your subjects better than they do. Nine times out of ten, we can pick up the phone to a player and get the story. We don't need a 'third party' to be able to reach these people. Sorry, PR companies are on my pet hate list, especially London centric ones.

What are your own personal media must-haves? As someone who covers a wide cross section of sport, the list is too large to mention. But as their rugby league correspondent, I've got to say the Daily Mirror, and as I am a proud Mancunian, I keep up to date with the Manchester Evening News. Most sports programmes capture my attention, apart from horse racing. And who can miss the 'In Betweeners'?

Describe your online presence.
The magazine is a stand alone digital magazine online, the magazine has associations with websites worldwide and is currently finalising a deal which will increase its online audience by 1 million worldwide, monthly.

Circulation: The latest 'opted in' figure is 306,839. The magazine will be over 310,000 for the October issue.

Contact: 07768 846839 or snookerededitor@live.co.uk

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