From Feedback - Is left-wing support deserting Lib Dems?

- Lib Dems under pressure to keep 'soft' votes

Some votes seen moving from the Lib Dems to Labour are not so much 'soft' votes as left votes ('Failure to impress with speech could lead to Nick Clegg "signing his own execution warrant",', 20 September).

Since Thatcher demolished the post-war social consensus, Labour has moved consistently to the right, up until the Blair era.

The actual views of voters are on average significantly to the left of the two main parties.

A sizeable number of left-wing voters gravitated to the Lib Dems as a result, making the party, de facto, a rather broad church.

That breadth is probably not sustainable in the longer term, especially if the Lib Dems are seen as supporting Tory cuts.

Richard Elen

- Clegg's media personality has come to the fore

Clegg's handling of the media has been excellent - better than any time in his career. He is an agent of change because he has a handle on PR. He is fairly authentic in his dealings and has begun to show more of his personality.

Step back and look at it and he is the first Liberal Democrat leader to get into government for quite some time.


- Lady Gaga 'meat' stunt missed gay objective

Lady Gaga's meat dress ('Hit or Miss? Lady Gaga wears a "meat" dress at MTV Video Music Awards,', 17 September) was a great stunt, loads of 'meeja'.

I did not feel the 'Gays in the US military' protest came through at all though ... did it?

Those of a certain age will also recall The Undertones' album All Wrapped Up ... what goes around etc ...

Martin Ballantine

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