From Feedback - Should Andy Coulson cling on to his job?

- Tories can survive the Coulson saga unscathed

Coulson is a class act but there are three parties here - the Government, Murdoch and Coulson ('Conservative PR experts urge David Cameron to keep Andy Coulson',, 9 September). The longer this story rumbles on the more attention is drawn to the relationship between Number 10 and Mr Murdoch. If this is handled well Coulson will be back, Labour will look like it is trying to divert attention and Cameron can set the agenda going into conference season.

John Reynolds

- Is Coulson fit to be advising Government?

Does anyone actually believe phone hacking was only done by one journalist at the NoTW? And even if it was, it would be massive incompetence on Coulson's part if he were not to know where his royal correspondent was getting his information, and what he was spending his money on. He was either massively irresponsible at his last job, or he allowed criminal activity to be carried out.

I wonder what sort of treatment your commentators or the News International tabloids would give to a person forced to resign from a job due to incompetence, then being given a £140,000-a-year job at a local authority as allegations of corruption continued to be made about his role.

Kim Tan

- Conservative comms advisers stick together

I thought it was interesting that none of your experts suggested Coulson should go because he must have given authority for a practice that was unethical and this is a reflection on his integrity. But then again the 'experts' were former Conservative comms advisers so perhaps that says it all?

Rachel Holdsworth.

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