From Feedback - Did William Hague take the right action?

- Hague statement shows he is in control of destiny

The world seems to have been taken aback by a politician talking in a direct, authentic and hugely personal way ('William Hague "didn't need" to talk about wife's miscarriage according to PR guru',, 3 Sept), which goes to show how rarely it happens. It was the heartfelt nature of the statement that lent it power and turned Hague from being media prey into someone once more in control of his destiny.

Jonathan Hemus

- Is Hague still fit to hold high office?

The relevant questions have not been addressed: Why did he appoint an extra special adviser, against his own Government's guidelines, when his party and Government are slashing jobs, pensions and services? Why did he appoint a special adviser with no apparent qualifications for the role? Were proper protocols for recruitment followed? And if this is the sort of political, personal and PR judgement that Hague is prone to, is he fit to hold high office?

Kim Tan

- Hague was faced with only two options

He had two options: dismiss the rumours as nonsense or say nothing. Anything else looks desperate.

Soyini Grey

- ASA could be at digital agencies' door

The new remit presents questions for PROs who use social comms, particularly in the area of repercussions for mistakes ('PR industry slams ASA for "ambiguity" in proposal to regulate online marketing',, 3 Sept). For most brands using social media as key marketing tools, the same caution that has always been advocated should continue to be applied. The problem is now they could find the ASA at their door.

James Poulter

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