Hit or Miss?

Blair cancels central London book signing after security fears.

Journey's end: Tony Blair cancelled his key book signing in London at the last minute because of security fears prompted by unrest at an earlier signing in Dublin. The event would have been the culmination of a PR drive to promote A Journey, which has been poured over by the press following its publication by Random House. The former PM said he was cancelling the signing 'to avoid the inconvenience to the public it would have caused'.


Siobhan Kenny, Director of comms, Harper Collins

It started badly with the last-minute title change. The Journey sounded just a bit too self-important; an indefinite article was hastily substituted. Then there were the excruciating arrangements for the book signing - give up your phone, get a security tag, buy the book with no guarantee that you'll get a signature for your trouble.

However, although we seem to have fallen out of love with him, Tony always knew how to judge the mood. Silencing the critics with one masterstroke, he announced all the proceeds were going to the Royal British Legion. Which incidentally gave permission to buy to those who had secretly wanted to read it all along, but didn't want to enrich the former PM.

Shoe throwing in Dublin? The London signing cancelled? All of that meant the book carried on leading the news. Result. - HIT

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