OPINION: The Big Question - What advice would you give a client faced with an Ali G interview?/An appearance on the show of current media phenomenon Ali G can result in a very public humiliation if the interviewee fails to go with the flow of the televisi



’I’d almost certainly say ’don’t do it’! Ali is very funny, but he’s not

in the same business as most CEOs - he’s in showbiz; they’re not. His

act relies on interviewees either thinking they can outsmart him - which

mostly they can’t - or not really understanding what he’s up to. It’s

hard to see what many interviewees think they might achieve. Maybe they

overrate their own skills? It would take an exceptional performer,

perhaps representing a showbiz brand, to be able to carry it off. Most

CEOs would be amused to be asked and perhaps a bit flattered - but

should be smart enough to know they can’t outsmart Ali at his game.’


’Appearing on Da Ali G Show would equate to professional suicide for

most people so unless you own the company or are mega cool, steer clear.

Just watching the guests providing fodder for Ali G’s unique style of

humour makes the audience go beyond their comfort zone, so one can only

imagine the roller coaster experience of the interviewees. If you do

take the plunge (presumably because you think Newsnight or the Today

programme has become too easy) then my advice is: don’t try too hard to

be funny, particularly as you aren’t in your day job. Relax as much as

possible and don’t set the video at home.’


’My initial response would be: seriously reconsider. For many, appearing

on the show could be a dubious career move! But don’t panic - it is

possible for guests with a genuine sense of humour and total lack of

pretension to survive. You must remember that you’re only on to field

ludicrous questions. Ali once asked a four-star general: ’Why did

Churchill want to fight the bitches?’ Remember to laugh and give Ali a

lot of knowing looks to mask your complete confusion. Do your best to

try and look as if you’re enjoying it. Be like Mohamed al Fayed - show

maximum ’rispec’ and don’t try to play Ali at his own game - underneath

that yellow PVC suit is one seriously bright boy who speaks a language

few understand.’


’Boyakasha, Minimum rispec. I is been rumbled. Innit? Dat John

Stonborough, He say: Before da interview, check it! He say, don’t be

like de Caned film mongols near da France last week, man, Dey just a lot

of batty boys, too scared to kick me backside out in da road. An’ dat

Lady Chestea, she wingein’ now to da tabloids. ’Betrayed’, she say,

’gutted’, she say, by dat crashin’ Borat from da Kazakhstan massive who

come for posh dinner and a crap roun’ her house. Wicked! Too late, I

say. If you is a white meddle class self-important liberal poonani wiv a

orange in you mouf, Ali am goin’ to mock you. Rispec? Forget it. John,

he say gimme 300 million quids, or a ounce and Ali G be givin’ you a

easy ride. Wicked!’

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