From Feedback - Are measurement reforms long overdue?

- Linking PR to outcomes should already be in use

Linking PR to outcomes is crucial, but we should be doing it already ('What next for measurement?', 18 August).

The news that the PR industry is waking up to the fact that campaign outcomes need to be linked to business and sales objectives is very welcome.

In our organisation, campaign outcomes are benchmarked in advance of the start of the PR programme and results are measured throughout the campaign.

The majority of our clients are extremely business-minded and results-oriented.

They expect an uncompromising approach to transparent service delivery and guaranteed PR and sales results that are delivered as standard.

James Kelliher

- It is time for the industry to show it has real balls

I wish the industry would stop procrastinating and have the balls to make some real decisions.

Why delay the re-education of clients and professionals?

Also, it's about time we realised that brand reputation needs to be evaluated before a PR campaign, not afterwards.

Jonathan Walsh

- Jaguar Land Rover should be setting the standard

I am not convinced by Simon Warr's defence of AVE use.

An organisation of Jaguar Land Rover 's size and stature (and part of the global Tata empire) should be a standard-setter in evaluation, not an apologist for an outmoded, fundamentally flawed measure.

Tracking PR to the sales funnel is, as he says, difficult. But it is not impossible and in 2010 is easier than ever before.

Andy Turner.

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