Hit or Miss? Aviva in bungled stunt to peddle bike insurance

Tough lock The Red Consultancy thought up a clever wheeze for insurance client Aviva: planting unlocked bikes in the top five theft hotspots in London to demonstrate the importance of taking out insurance.

But, alas, few thieves turned up. After two days monitoring a bike left outside Euston train station and an office block at an undisclosed location in central London, Red gave up. The PROs had better luck in Fulham, where two bikes were stolen.


Adrian Brady, CEO, Eulogy

A difficult one to judge; despite the experiment suggesting only that cyclists should invest in a good lock and always secure their bike securely (especially in Fulham), it does gain Aviva recognition as an insurer.

Product placement is minimal and Aviva is nicely associated with bike insurance, but what's missing is opinion. It's infuriating when someone steals from you, and that's when the insurer steps in as the knight in reflective headgear, bringing you a new bike and a lesson in good insurance.

I see a missed opportunity for a magnificent vox pop-inspired campaign that captures the anger of a bike-theft victim and positions insurance as the saviour. And, when seeded appropriately online and backed up with the great data Aviva has to hand, you have a campaign that works both on and offline with regional and national potential. MISS

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