DIARY: Nkwocha extends his PR service to offer a boyfriend-finding scheme

Desperation sucks - you can smell it on their breath.

Desperation sucks - you can smell it on their breath.

Barbara Kingan, a 46-year-old mother of three, doesn’t care. She admits

she is ’absolutely desperate’ to find a man and has now gone to the

lengths of hiring a PR agency to help.

Or as she puts it, she has decided to ’put myself in the hands

of ... experts’.

Step up Kizzi Nkwocha and Associates. Nkwocha’s agency is more used to

finding guests for daytime television shows, but he knows easy press

when he sees it - thank you, Daily Telegraph - and is giving his help on

the same ’contingency’ basis as US lawyers - that is, no boyfriend, no


Kingan says she has tried the classifieds - ’all liars’ - singles bars -

’all losers’ - and she has even tried taking congenial-sounding evening

classes, but without success.

Now, aware that the industry enjoys expert status in this area, the

Diary offers three top tips for finding a partner, short of appointing

your own agency. First, pretend to have a spare room in your flat -

invite all attractive sounding callers for a private view.

Second, go to the open auditions held every week for West End acting

parts and see who looks nice in the queue.

Last, put your name down as a street collector for half a dozen

charities and ask out the most generous punters.

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