CAMPAIGN: Financial PR - Edelman PR success is no secret

Client: Intimate Brands

Client: Intimate Brands

Campaign: Getting Intimate in Europe - Building Awareness of Intimate


PR Team: Edelman Public Relations Worldwide

Timescale: April - June 2000

Budget: Undisclosed

Intimate Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, has always

been in the shadow of its lingerie company. Intimate Brands is now

looking for a higher profile in the UK and Europe, particularly among

the investment community. The combination of an international business

venture and the visual experience of a Cannes fashion show was expected

to have the requisite lure to generate strong publicity.


To secure European financial media support for Intimate Brands, while

establishing the company as the owner of Victoria’s Secret among the

investment community. To increase European sales and to promote the

company’s leading brands: Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works and the

White Barn Candle Company.

Strategy and Plan

Edelman was asked to capitalise on the lingerie fashion show, held at

the Cannes Film Festival on 18 May, in order to highlight Intimate

Brands and increase media and financial investor awareness. Five weeks

prior to the event an awareness building campaign was launched, with

Edelman and Intimate Brands working together to ensure that their ideas


Extensive media coverage was needed and this began with carefully

selected images chosen from the three brands. These images were then

shown at investor meeting invitations, made available on corporate

web-sites and used for financial presentations. Communication with the

media was secured by arranging several business TV and print media

interviews with the presidents of the companies in Cannes and London.

Picture desks were presented with carefully selected visuals and

financial audiences were offered a ready- to- run business story.

The story consisted of a play upon key messages about Intimate Brands,

with aspects such as its 360 Degree Marketing (approach them wherever

you are via catalogues, email etc) and their Managed Growth Strategy


The local language media were targeted by Edelman european network to

garner the coverage of the newly integrated financial media and investor

relations programme. In addition, the financial team and their consumer

PR colleagues wirked together, to increase the impact of the fashion

show upon the targetted financial and consumer audiences.

Measurement and Evaluation

17 out of the 24 minutes of broadcast coverage were business related and

featured on CNN’s World Business Today, CNBC’s Power Lunch & Europe

Tonight (combined audiences of 236 million) and Sky World Business


Ten newspapers across the UK, France and Germany ran articles presenting

Intimate Brands as the owner of Victoria’s Secret.

Intimate Brands has now been introduced to eight US equity fund managers

and 11 retail analysts in London, as well as eight US equity fund

managers in Scotland and six in Dublin. Edelman is managing a database

of 75 interested institutional investors institutional investors in the

UK and across Europe.


The objective of establishing the link between Victoria’s Secret and

Intimate Brands was met. High levels of interest have been generated

within the investment community, as a result of the bolstered

communication between the media and the three corporations involved .

Edelman and Intimate Brands are now planning the next six months of the

European public relations programme and sales are at their highest level

apart from Christmas 1999.

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