Flack: Visionary suggest more efficient way to work

One visionary from Birmingham City Council press office has suggested a more efficient way to work in these times of austerity - get the media to do the job themselves.

The anonymous blogger last week fretted about being 'bombarded' with requests from journalists 'who work for the same media outlet'. 'Can't these reporters simply communicate with one another instead of flooding us with identical requests?' asked the besieged PRO. Flack looks forward to the day when Jeremy Paxman asks questions on behalf of Newsround ...

The News of the World revealed details of what it called a 'secret Labour spin dossier' on Sunday. The 'giant manual' for press offices, partly created by Blue Rubicon ('so-called experts', according to NOTW), contains gems like: 'Useful intros when you know nothing include "our determination to crack down on X", "we will look into X" and "we will urgently investigate X".' In unrelated news, the Food Standards Agency last week said it would 'urgently investigate' claims that milk was being sold from cloned animals ...

While the graduate intake looks younger every year, new arrivals at Speed Communications had an excuse for still being in short trousers. The agency held a bring-your-kids-to-work day on Tuesday. Activities included testing toys, reviewing gaming sites and making one of the more articulate calls received by PRWeek Towers this week ...

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