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Chris West, 9 August

And so it came to be. David Cameron - defender of the children, protector of the dairy and patron saint of the milkman. Though while his reaction to shut down the debate on Sunday was perfectly understandable, questions will be asked about how the policy reached the public before even being discussed with the party leadership ...

But once the hoo-ha and milk-based puns have died down, this will soon become water under the bridge (surely water 'udder' the bridge?).


Adam Clyne, 9 August

For a long time, I've been reading PRWeek blogs. In truth, some of them are making me nervous. Why? I think the industry is in danger of becoming too focused on digital and social media, and runs the risk of ignoring more tried and tested media outlets that clients still need ...

Social media is a really important part of the PR mix, but it is just that - part of the mix. It isn't right for every brand or every campaign.


Matt Bourn, 9 August

It's all kicked off in Southampton. Their decision last week to restrict access for photographers to home games to one exclusive agency has prompted a stinging response from media. This throws up an interesting question about the balance that needs to be struck between sports brands and rights holders monetising their content versus reaching the widest possible audience in a positive fashion ...

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