Bell: 'Free speech is the one absolute view I have'

Chime Communications chairman Lord Bell on free speech, ethics and morality in PR.

Chime boss: Lord Bell
Chime boss: Lord Bell

- Should everyone be entitled to a voice?

It is what freedom of speech means - I believe in free speech, that is the one absolute view I have. The fact of the matter is, I believe better views, better opinions and better behaviour are arrived at by debating all sides of an argument and coming to a conclusion. If someone says someone else is not allowed a point of view, this is acting as a censor.

- Do you draw the line anywhere ethically when considering new business?

If I think I would do a bad job, I don't take on the work. If I think I could do a good job, I do take on the work. All my people are free to say they don't want to do something. There is no punishment for that. I believe in freedom in a civil society.

- Should morality be an issue at all in PR agencies?

PR is a commercial industry.

I believe that everyone of us should have their own morality and they should apply their own morality. I do my best to behave in a proper way. That is what I do all day, every day. But I do not sit in judgement of people. Why would I assume I could sit in judgment? I believe people are free to state their case.

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