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Posted by Jed Hallam

25 July - Sentiment analysis is, for me, one of the most annoying phrases in the world. Whenever I hear it, I picture two guys in cheap suits speaking to a group of board members at a big brand explaining complicated graphs and pointing at a smiley face, an indifferent face and, finally, a sad face, and then telling the brand that 65 per cent of the world thinks the product is ace and says so online.


Posted by Jon Clements


23 July - In the more than two years since PR Media Blog began - when commercial, social media activity in the UK was more rooted in theory than practice - the online engagement revolution seems to have gained enough momentum to pose a serious challenge to the marketing hegemony. Whereas it was once a struggle to get arrested for talking social media with in-house marketing teams, now they are positively dragging you to the table, eager to open up and peer inside the latest 'Ark of the Covenant' for business.


Posted by Stephen Waddington

23 July - There's a flaw, it would seem, in Facebook's network algorithms. Yesterday, it urged me to get back in touch with my wife. I know that I spend a lot of time away from home, but I am confident there isn't much that Facebook could bring to our relationship of 16 years.

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