Hit or Miss? The Coca-Cola Company's Dr Pepper Facebook campaign

The Coca-Cola Company was forced to axe a Facebook campaign for Dr Pepper after complaints that it used inappropriate references to a porn movie.

The campaign saw Facebook users allow Dr Pepper to update their status boxes with amusing messages. However, a parent protested after finding risque updates on her 14-year-old daughter's Facebook page. The drinks firm apologised and is investigating the incident.

HOW I SEE IT - Eb Adeyeri, Digital director, Lewis PR

Coca-Cola has learned a salutary lesson about 'what's the worst that can happen' when a social media campaign is not thought through or executed properly. On the face of it, this was an ingenious attempt to connect with a young audience, but sadly the promotion backfired.

The idea of a cheeky status update was fine in principle, but whoever drafted the updates clearly crossed the line between what can be considered funny and what is offensive.

It was good that Coca-Cola acted quickly to pull the campaign and the offending term, but it then compounded the original error by not explaining fully to thousands of fans why it had done so. If the brand is to prevent a full scale social media backlash, it should apologise promptly on the page and explain why the app was taken down.


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