From Feedback - Should the Falklands be spending on PR?

- Why waste cash on Falklands PR?

As an environmentalist I feel this is a waste of money ('Falkland Islands to hold talks with agencies as UK companies increase oil exploration',, 7 July). Why could they not put some more schools on the island? Not sure I have any famous Falklanders in my address book. Hiring an agency to create PR seems unusual - should it not be top secret?

If it has an oil company already drilling in its waters why bring in comms to attract more companies?

Dara Bell

- Islanders have the right to defend their interests

They do not need to put any more schools on the island because there are only 3,000 inhabitants. The issue being raised here is that the Falkland Islands are looking for international support over their drilling rights.

The question you proposed of 'why?' can be asked again. Why shouldn't the Falkland Islanders pursue oil exploration in their own territory? Their history is only around 25 years shorter than the Argentines, and they have their own individual identity.

Alex Delaney

- The over-50s are in the market for music too

There is absolutely a market for music TV for the over 50s ('Vintage TV music channel aimed at over-50s brings in Braben to support launch',, 9 July).

I have to scour the digital channels to pick up old material from the 60s and 70s - but equally we haven't stood still; we also want to hear the best of what is going on today, and that is not always easy to find. There are 20 million people over 50 out there - we aren't a minority, but often feel like one.

Tony Watts.

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