Tara Hamilton-Miller: Labour hyperbole will solve nothing

It is interesting to watch how MPs on all sides are taking to their new roles - many are finding it hard to adjust.

Tara Hamilton-Miller
Tara Hamilton-Miller

Education secretary Michael Gove's apology was graceful. Under the last government the secretary of state would blame the tea boy/computer/pet for any massive cock-up. He dealt with it as best he could, said sorry swiftly and let it be known that the buck stopped with him.

There were numerous calls for Gove's resignation. It would be sensible for Labour's temporary head girl Harriet Harman to tell the kids that too many calls for resignation will weaken the opposition's argument when it has a genuine case for someone's scalp.

Labour will have to be careful. After such a long spell in power, it is unsure how to behave in opposition. It has all gone a bit amateur dramatics club.

Chris Bryant described William Hague's recent speech on foreign policy as 'the biggest pile of tosh' he had ever heard. Really Chris? Or are you just licking your wounds, graceless and wanting a bit of attention?

Andy Burnham, doe-eyed shadow health secretary and Labour leader candidate, said Andrew Lansley's White Paper on health made him 'want to weep'. Want to weep? Like Miley Cyrus wants to weep about dead bunnies? Pull yourself together boy, you're not going to win the much-coveted 'northern vote' acting like that.

Cameron's task is far from pleasant.

The abandoned school building projects are just the tip of the iceberg. Everything will be hit. Every MP, whatever side, should prepare themselves for the news that the much-awaited swimming pool, IT library wing or adventure playground is not going to happen.

Constituents will of course head with pitchforks to their weekly surgery and demand to know why their member is not bashing down Cameron's door and championing their cause.

This is what the Prime Minister has ahead of him. Lobbied by his own, who will adopt a nimbyist approach to cuts, he may make enemies. Everyone thinks their cause is important, but be it kittens or cancer - there is no money.

Tara Hamilton-Miller is a political adviser and formerly worked for the Conservative Party press team

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