Opinion: From our Readers - False premises in NHS reputation survey

Your NHS reputation survey (Features, 25 June) was interesting but riddled with false assumptions.

Did you really ask a question that conjoined spending cuts and reduced quality healthcare? I am surprised 100 per cent didn't say they were concerned. The premise is entirely false. The NHS budget will continue to grow. So, no spending cuts then.

Better use of money yes, but not one penny will be paid back to the Treasury as a result of NHS efficiencies - it will be reinvested in services closer to people's homes, which will deliver quality and a better experience. It will also, helpfully, be cheaper.

Comparing private care with the NHS is nonsense. Try finding a private A&E or specialist heart attack centre.

And as for 69 per cent saying GPs should open outside office hours - if only that were the case. Oh, hold on, it is!

All in all, an entertaining couple of pages, but the premise leaves something to be desired. However, this sort of scaremongering is exactly the sort of 'bad press' you talk about and we deal with.

Lee Whitehead, director of communications, NHS East of England

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