TV is most influential medium for green comms says C&W survey

TV is the most trusted and influential communications platform to inform consumers about environmental and green issues, says Cohn&Wolfe's latest research.

C&W’s global corporate affairs head: Geoff Beattie
C&W’s global corporate affairs head: Geoff Beattie

The results of C&W’s fifth Green Brands Survey were announced last night at an event at the agency’s offices.

Around 55% of the 1,000 UK consumers polled said they turned to TV for information on environmental and green issues ahead of newspapers (44%) and word of mouth (27%). Social media came way down the list at 5%.

Snaring a celebrity to front a campaign fails to win consumer trust. Just 23% said a celebrity would force them to take significant action to protect the environment compared with 81% for NGOs and 43% for local government.

Consumers are still keen to buy products that are seen to be green. Around 80% plan to spend the same amount or more on green products and services next year, while over a quarter plan to spend over 20% more.

Despite 24% of the 1,000 UK consumers polled saying they rarely watched or read about environmental and green issues, 63% said such communications did inform their purchase decisions. Around 13% said what they read in the news is more influential in helping them make purchase decisions that certification (8%) or even endorsements from NGOs (6%).

‘This year’s findings act as a roadmap for communications professionals,’ said C&W’s global corporate affairs head Geoff Beattie. ‘The green credentials of brands are coming under more scrutiny from consumers, making PR more important than ever before. Gone are the days of rolling out a celebrity to endorse your brand, as trust is more difficult to win over than that.’

For the second year in a row, supermarkets were overwhelmingly seen as the greenest brands in the UK.

Top ten brands:

1.       Body Shop
2.       Innocent
3.       Marks & Spencer
4.       Sainsbury’s
5.       Tesco
6.       Asda
7.       Waitrose
8.       Dove
9.       Boots
10.      Ikea

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