Opinion: From our Readers - Heads must focus on what they do best

Many PR agency heads start a business because they truly love the craft of PR and building long-term relationships with their clients ('Management Matters', 18 June).

Not every agency head is going to be naturally gifted at expanding the business and handling the financials.

Of course, they should have some sort of awareness of what's involved, but instead of beating themselves up because they feel ill-prepared or unwilling to make this their sole focus, a better plan is to hire someone who can do all of these things for them.

Many of the agencies that have grown well have adopted exactly that course and brought a CFO, quite possibly on a part-time basis, into the business early on.

Trying to be a jack of all trades never really works out. There's no reason for PR agency heads who feel most comfortable doing PR to feel guilty.

Instead they should focus on what they do well, but ensure they have a team of senior people in place to handle the business roles that are essential for growth.

- Keith Hunt, managing partner, Results International.

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