Opinion: From our Readers - Global standard for PR is not groundbreaking

While I find the 'global standard' for calculating the value of PR a good principle, it is late in coming (News, 25 June).

I cannot be the only PRO who consistently strives to give clients tangible results in the form of business change and commercial indicators, can I? Surely, this is what we, as an industry, have been doing for many years? I can't recall the last time I presented an evaluation with an AVE as its basis.

Consumer behaviour and attitude shift? Yes absolutely.

I find the assertion that this taskforce, sunning themselves in Barcelona, have finally 'professionalised PR' as per David Rockland's quote to be rather demeaning and not just a little patronising.

As PROs, we must surely act in the way we wish to be viewed - as professionals.

To suggest that we have only just become so because of a set of seven principles that I'm sure few of my peer group would find groundbreaking (measurement for social media anyone? there's a thought) is simply not a true reflection of our industry.

Clearly, the steps our industry takes to better measure what it does should be applauded, but please let's not undermine years of highly professional work in the process.

- Holly Ward, MD, Biss Lancaster.

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