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Kerry Gaffney, 22 June (from Cannes)

Today, the Cannes Lions festival started to hit its stride. So far, I've seen head bods from Coke, Unilever, Kodak, Renault to name but a few. It also seems we missed the height of the party season, as the focus is now very much on learning and not celebrating how amazing the industry is. There's certainly a full-on seminar programme that sees a few thousand people move in and out of the Debussy Theatre. The most anticipated session is Facebook on Wednesday ...


Adam Clyne, 20 June

'We're integrated' declare most PR, ad and digital agencies. As do below-the-line and promotional agencies. It's crazy, but there is no one definition of what 'integration' means in a comms and marketing context. An agency doing just PR and advertising is integrated, so is one doing just DM and digital, but the output will be worlds apart. As a result, integrated as an offering is in danger of losing its credibility ...

From Barcelona event

Kate Magee, 18 June

So it's happened. The great and the good of the measurement world have agreed to seven basic principles of best practice. It is the first time a global set of standards has been created. Discussion over the wording will now begin ... The founding of these basic principles is a good first step to solving the age-old problem of how PR can prove its value. Let's hope that when the third European Summit on Measurement takes place next year, PR is in a stronger position ...

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