Editor's Desk: David Hellqvist, Dazed Digital

Dazed Digital, the online sister of monthly magazine Dazed and Confused, has just hired David Hellqvist to be its commissioning editor. Dazed Digital posts exclusive videos interviews, behind-the-scenes fashion reportage and exclusive features. PRWeek catches up with Hellqvist to find out what he wants from PROs.

David Hellqvist: Dazed Digital editor
David Hellqvist: Dazed Digital editor
Describe Dazed Digital
Dazed Digital is a unique editorial platform; a web-based magazine with daily updates of original content. Like the Dazed & Confused magazine, we focus on in-depth and intelligent coverage of worldwide fashion, music, art and photography, using our network of contributors throughout the world.
You have just joined. Are you planning any changes?
There will be a Dazed Digital design overhaul later on this year, but in terms of editorial coverage it won’t change a great deal.
Who are your competitors and what makes you different?
There isn't really any direct competition. Other sites might have either a bigger audience or a more niche expert area, but we cover our brief in an insightful way with original content. This means no one else can claim the same authority in our line of work. We have made it our job to unearth worldwide talent using all the means that make the digital presence our strongest asset.
What makes a good story for you?
A new angle, an interesting person, a boundary-pushing brand or an exciting event.
Of which story are you most proud?
Personally, I like the stories with a slight current affairs angle. I was happy with our election coverage, because we made it appeal to a younger audience. I’m also pleased when we can give a young designer, musician or artist his or her first bit of press and media attention.
What tips can you give PROs to get coverage?
Try to imagine if it would fit our audience. Often PROs just take a chance and email over completely irrelevant issue, events and brands and end up wasting both mine and their own time.
What are your own personal media must-haves?
Dazed & Confused, The Guardian, Twitter, Fantastic Man, Monocle, Fashion in Politics.com, AnOther Man and Nowness.
What is your latest circulation figure?
We have 2.5 million page views a month and 200,000 unique visitors, but we also use our ever-growing social media network to communiacte with our audience. Currently, the Dazed Twitter following is 102,000 and the Facebook page have 46,000 fans.  
What is the best contact email for the editorial staff?

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