Public Affairs: Soap Box - Malcolm Gooderham, founder and managing director, TLG

On Tuesday, Chancellor George Osborne delivers his first Budget.

How and what he communicates will be as important as the numbers. As evidenced by the messaging in his maiden Mansion House speech, his team is cleverly preparing the ground.

It is important they do not lose sight of the fact that expectation management works both ways.

For the public to buy into the politics of deficit reduction, they need to be able to share in a vision of a better tomorrow. The Treasury's narrative needs to demonstrate that the cuts are a means to an end and, critically, what the end looks like.

All journeys need a road map and this one is no different. 'Destination unknown' does not inspire - and voters need some inspiration. If Danny Alexander is going to be Mr Cuts, then George Osborne can be Mr Vision. In opposition, he was fond of saying, 'we're all in this together'.

In government, Osborne can start a new chapter and begin setting out where we are going, where growth is going to come from and the future role of government.

The deficit, the recession and recovery are having profound effects on for firms, large and small. Those that embrace the 'new politics' will build competitive brands that are courted to be decision makers and admired by customers.

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