What should Labour do to improve its image for traditional supporters?

What should Labour do to improve its image for traditional


The Labour vote failed to turn out for the European elections

Mark Seddon


’I don’t think it’s about selling people slick imagery. A lot of voters

are suspicious of spin doctors using images which seek to reassure but

don’t represent reality. It’s pointless to hire a big new advertising

agency, as this would be a major turn-off with the voters. Instead, the

Labour Party needs to improve its policies to the people it seeks to


Adrian McMenamin

the Trevor Phillips Campaign

’I think the demands that the party do more for its core voters and

abandon New Labour is a nonsense. The problem with the European

elections was that the voters were not offered any new faces or ideas.

Labour tried to fight a ’business as usual’ campaign which simply did

not work. The trick is to constantly say new things and involve the

electorate with new policies and new politicians.’

Mike Lee

Westminster Strategy

’I don’t accept that this was the central issue in the European


Labour’s performance was more affected by lack of interest in the

European parliament and a fair amount of contentment among Labour

voters. I think there are more lessons to be learned on the issues of

proportional representation and on Europe itself. This is a false dawn

for the Tories, but Labour needs to guard against complacency and keep

its messages real and relevant.’

Sir Ken Jackson

Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union

’The reality is that Labour is already delivering to its traditional

voters. Tony Blair is more in touch with ordinary people than many

politicians of his generation. From the lowest unemployment for 20 years

to the first ever minimum wage, working people are doing better under

Labour. Some people in the Labour movement should stop looking to the

past through rose-tinted glasses and accept that Labour is


Richard Elsen

Ludgate Public Affairs

’Blair should ignore old Labour and get on with modernising the


Labour’s core support now consists of the people who voted for Blair in

1997. Labour’s message must be conveyed via a natural communicator such

as Peter Mandelson to avoid future campaign black holes, like we saw in

the European elections.’

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