From Feedback - Taylor's message leads to mixed reactions

- Her warning extends beyond health sector ...

I don't think Jo Taylor's warning applies only to the healthcare/pharma sector ('Pharma comms chief warns healthcare PR professionals of social media pitfalls',, 1 June).

There are others who have leapt lemming-like into social media without analysing its appropriateness for the comms task at hand.

There was plenty of hype about the supposed importance of social media before and during the recent election campaign, but it was not the blogs, YouTube or the Facebook sites, but the TV debates, and The Telegraph expenses expose that really shaped voter opinions.

Alastair MacDonald

... but her article had nothing to back it up

I can't believe this report encapsulates Ms Taylor's entire thoughts on social media in healthcare comms.

There is no data regarding social media usage, reliability or readership to back up anything stated in this article.

Lisa Stansbury

- Understanding a firm's influencers is vital

I have found that the most effective and impactful approach to media relations is holistic and comprehensive based on deep analyses and understanding of a company's 'sphere of influencers', which changes periodically and is never static.

This sphere is measured by ongoing 'listening' and analyses of online and traditional media and communications from other key constituents, such as analysts and investors, third-party patient groups and customers. This exercise leads to often surprising and enlightening information that helps create ever-more targeted and relevant 'memes'.

Jim Weiss.

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