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Chris West, 7 June

David Miliband seems to have justified his place as early odds-on favourite with most of the bookies for the Labour leadership.

Although the back and forth between Miliband Senior's supporters and opponents typifies much of what any party goes through choosing a new leader. Asked 'what do we want?', party members will usually respond with 'Someone new, with experience.

Young would be good, but with experience. A rising star, but not an inexperienced one ...'


Adam Clyne, 4 June

I still remember my first ad meeting. I was working for a consumer PR agency and shared a client meeting about the launch strategy of a new soft drink brand. Four 'suits' and one 'creative' turned up from the ad agency.

They showed one picture, the client loved it and agreed to spend a million quid on it. We (the PR team) then spent the next 45 minutes selling our plans to the client.

I left with more questions than answers ...


Neil Flash, 4 June

'Wake up and smell the coffee' was originally conceived by Nescafe in the '80s as an ad slogan. The principle being that the smell of Nescafe was so good it could wake you up in the morning. Well, 30 years on it turns out that it is not the actual drink that will wake you up.

David Rose in The Times summed up: 'The stimulatory effects of a strong cup of coffee in the morning may be nothing more than an illusion ...'

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