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SEO site review

Posted by Andy Merchant

7 June: If you're interested in SEO, and you should be if you understand the value of digital, here is a good video from Matt Cutts and his team. He goes through a series of websites from all genres and gives helpful tips and advice on how each site could be better optimised. It's over an hour long but well worth the watch.

A Fair Trade future?

Posted by Noah Dye

4 June: This morning, guests on the NPR News programme, The Takeaway, discussed whether Apple could become the first Fair Trade tech company, in light of the ten worker suicides at the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, Foxconn. Despite being a huge PR problem for companies like Apple who tap Foxconn for labour, lives were lost and other migrant workers at the plant continue to be oppressed by sweatshop-like conditions.

SEO copywriting

Posted by Brendan Cooper

3 June: I don't like SEO copywriting. This is what I tweeted yesterday. Then I went away and came back an hour later - to lots of comments ... I've never really used SEO on this blog. That is, I don't really identify keywords then deploy them strategically, for example in links or headings, or in my first paragraph. I also don't try to achieve keyword densities - that is, placing keywords a certain number of times in a post. It doesn't seemed to have harmed my stats.

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