WEEKLY WEB WATCH: NMEC starts the sale of the century

Company: New Millennium Experience Company

Company: New Millennium Experience Company

Issue: The launch of the sale of tickets for the Dome

Address: www.dome2000.co.uk

The final countdown to the UK’s 2000 celebrations got underway last

week, as the New Millennium Experience Company (NMEC) picked the 100th

day before the end of the year to open sales of tickets for the


The news made more of a ripple than a splash within the media - most

papers and news programmes mentioned it, but without a tremendous sense

of excitement. The relatively high cost of the tickets was the focus for

most coverage. The real focus of PR attention was the web.

The Dome web site has plenty of information about ticket prices and how

to get hold of them. Around one million tickets are expected to be sold

via the web site, in what has been described by the NMEC as an ’on-line

ticketing revolution’ which will establish the UK as a centre of

excellence for e-commerce.

The pounds 3 million operation is being handled by Compaq, which

features prominently on the pages that relate to ticket sales


Overall, the site is big on the ’wow’ factor - it is beautifully

designed and has managed to combine a sense of expectation of a special,

almost mystical, event, with plenty of concise practical information.

The home page even has a pull-down list of the top ten most asked

questions, which takes users straight to the relevant information on

ticket prices, and how to buy them.

There are teasers about the precise content of each of the 14 zones,

with artists’ illustrations of what they will look like, and users are

left in no doubt as to the sponsors of each zone.

The question of how the millions of anticipated visitors are going to

get to the Dome is answered at length on the web site. Information about

every conceivable form of transport is given, although cars are


Despite fears that the Jubilee Line extension may not be ready in time

for the opening of the Dome, travel by tube to North Greenwich station

is the first option given. There are hyperlinks to relevant sites,

including those of London Transport and National Express coaches.

There is also a page on facilities in the Dome which includes such handy

tips as ’wear comfortable shoes’, and it points out that it will take

around six hours to get round the Dome, that there is food and drink at

high street prices, and cash points. Accessibility to people with

special needs is also underlined.

The web site doesn’t address any of the criticism that has been levelled

at the Dome and its infrastructure, but it is infused with conviction

that pounds 57 is a small price to pay for what it promises will be an

incredible family experience, and that everything will be alright on the


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