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Paul Armstrong, 9 May

I've said it before and I'll say it again: 'Build your networks before you need them.' I can't count the amount of times I'm asked one of the following questions: How many followers is good? How many fans will we get? How many fans/followers is enough? What should we put down for fans? Is 1,000 fans doable in a week? The answer is, of course, a cross between it depends and I don't know. How long is a piece of string?


Matt Bourn, 6 May

So, will it be 'the media wot won it'? And, if so, which bit? I'm left with the impression that this has been a word-of-mouth election campaign and TV has principally driven this WOM, swiftly supported by digital media including the online newspaper sites. The leader debates and live rolling news around 'bigotgate' and the Farage plane crash have been driven by TV.


Ged Carroll, 6 May

If, like me, you use GPS on your smartphone for TomTom-type maps or services such as Foursquare, you can sometimes find the results you get are inconsistent. The problem is that GPS works, but it has problems with the built environment, among other things. However, the US Air Force is launching a new set of GPS satellites, which will improve the accuracy down to three foot and won't be phased by the city.

So, Foursquare won't think that I am 1.5km from my current location like it occasionally does at the moment.

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