THIS WEEK’S BIG QUESTION: Would you ever work for the Nigerian government?

Max Clifford is said to have been approached by General Sani Abacha to promote Nigeria

Max Clifford is said to have been approached by General Sani Abacha

to promote Nigeria

Paul Philpotts


’As a point of principle we will not work in support of a particular

political party. However we do work for governments promoting specific

projects. There’s a professional judgment involved about whether the job

can be done and it would be virtually impossible to do anything in

Nigeria at the moment. Ethics and morality come second - we wouldn’t get

that far with Nigeria.’

Kizzi Nkwocha

Nkwocha and Associates

’If you only take on clients with no image problem, you wouldn’t be much

of a publicist. The point is to give them the best possible


Nigeria has its own politics and culture and, as a Nigerian, I know how

the country has been misrepresented - a lot of what’s been said comes

from foreign reporters. Nigeria has a lot to offer Africa. If Sir Tim

Bell can take on Egypt, Kizzi Nkwocha can take on Nigeria.’

Anthony Dawton

Strategic Profile International

’If the issues were right, for example raising dialogue between Britain

and Nigeria or promoting trade, we would be happy to work for


We consider Nigeria a lot; there’s a lot of competition for contracts

out there and we look at it on a daily basis. We have to believe they

want to move dialogue forward.’

Sara Conway

Lawson Lucas Mendelsohn

’It is difficult to establish hard and fast business guidelines on who

you would and wouldn’t work for. With this one, however, I wouldn’t have

a second’s doubt about refusing the work. I would not want to be

associated with a company that would contemplate working for such a


Of course if the Nigerian government were actually committed to

redressing their appalling human rights record and introducing genuine

democratic reform, then I would consider becoming involved.’

Max Clifford

Max Clifford Associates

’General Abacha and I have had a frank dialogue. I have made it clear

that Nigeria has a horrendous reputation worldwide. They tell me they

are cleaning up. The only way things will improve is if we open

everything up to the world media. I will bring in TV, press and radio so

they can see what is going on. I will only get involved on that


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