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What are crucial comms strategies to cut through the noise before the midterms?

What are crucial comms strategies to cut through the noise before the midterms?

To ensure your efforts are part of the debate before the midterms, it is key to focus on three ideas.

Should a CEO make their personal values part of a message from their company?

Should a CEO make their personal values part of a message from their company?

Values penetrate all aspects of who we are and what we stand for - and often times they unearth the core beneath big pay packages, grueling travel schedules, and buoyant egos associated with running a company.

Should PR firms rebrand to communicate they have more of a full-service offering?

A new identity can communicate a new level of expertise, when many communicators are searching for simpler, integrated answers to their challenges.

How has the role of social media evolved in relation to massive sporting events?

How has the role of social media evolved in relation to massive sporting events?

Fans are very open to relevant messages and experiences that tie brands and their teams and athletes together.

What key skills will you look for when hiring to grow your business this year?

One of the things our corporate clients look for when bringing in a CCO is the ability to influence and communicate change.

What strategies does your company use to attract ethnically diverse candidates?

In a creative industry such as ours, engaging a fuller range of perspectives always leads to better work.

Could Twitter become the primary news distribution channel in the near future?

Social media has fundamentally transformed how we live, work, shop, buy, and market. Outreach to journalists is no exception.

What is the secret to creating great viral content that will engage your audience?

If a scientific formula existed to make content go viral, everyone would be using it, and the term viral would have lost all meaning.

How has the continued rise of mobile tech changed your monitoring strategy?

The popularity of apps, such as Instagram, has created significant mobile-first networks that are too big to ignore.

How can mobile apps evolve to remain an effective tool for brand building?

As all of our lives have become increasingly mobile, it's more important than ever for a company to have a strong mobile strategy.

What are key effective strategies for communicating with mobile employees?

The key to developing a mobile communications strategy starts with an often forgotten first step, asking the employee.

How can PR pros use new short-form methods and video to create campaigns?

Creating and sharing videos on social channels can easily bring a story to life.

What are the best strategies for brands to build their own social media newsrooms?

A social media newsroom should feature all key company information and make it easy for stakeholders to contact the business.

What strategies should global organizations adopt when creating social media guidelines?

Employees are key. Despite the rise of social media, some staffers may need to be educated about what they can post online. Training allows them to engage consumers with confidence.

How can effective research strategies and tools best drill down to reach stakeholders?

Fielding research online can help reach critical audiences in emerging markets and can provide anonymity, which helps negate potential bias sometimes found in face-to-face data collection.

How can internships be improved to better prepare students and get results for firms?

Be up front about what is expected of interns and have a program in place that is consistent from year to year.

What do marketers understand about the influence of a diverse demographic that became apparent in the last election?

Multicultural marketing is not a one-message-fits-all strategy - there are segments and in some cases sub-segments within each ethnic group, so look to target and then develop outreach that is relevant to that specific culture.

What are the best ways to show the C-suite that it is worth investing in measurement?

Portray the positive impacts of measurement when trying to persuade the C-suite to invest in measurement, and always include digital in reports.

How should news distribution evolve to effectively address the role of earned media?

Earned media via a trusted source is still high on a client's wishlist. Crafting a compelling piece is more likely to get story coverage than a bland press release.

What trend or applications will have the biggest impact on content creation in 2013?

Content is key. However, without a proper marketing and communications strategy in place, the content developed by your brand will be lost among the crowd

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