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AM: Storytelling, content and leadership engagement

09:30-12:30, Wednesday 23 November

Storytelling can be one of your most powerful tools when it comes to convincing, connecting and inspiring your workforce. This deep-dive workshop will look at the principles behind storytelling, how to make successful stories and narratives and how leaders can use stories to build trust and bring values to life, especially in times of change.

You’ll have the chance to hear a case study from a brand as well as work in groups and ask plenty of questions. Learn how effective storytelling techniques can help you and your leaders better engage with your employees and implement key tips from the very next day back in the office!

Speaker to be announced

PM: Science-based behavioural techniques for employee engagement

13:30-16:30, Wednesday 23 November

Understanding human behaviour at work lies at the heart of Internal Communications and Employee Engagement. Behavioural science builds recognition of how people respond to the environment, messages and interventions. Communication professionals who gain some understanding of the brain, and how it works, can work with the brain rather than despite it. This in-depth workshop will equip you with the tools to grasp the psychology and neuroscience behind engagement and what the ‘engaged’ feeling means.

In this practical session, Hilary Scarlett will explore what we can do to help both ourselves and our internal stakeholders stay focused and perform at our best. We will explore:

1. What is applied neuroscience?
2. What are some of the basics that communications professionals need to understand about our brains?
3. Why our brains don’t like organisational change
4. Employee performance and engagement – small actions that make a difference
5. Where Maslow got it wrong
6. SPACES – a practical, brain-based tool that you can apply to planning a phone call through to shaping a communications campaign.

Hilary Scarlett, Founder & Director, Scarlett & Grey