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We’re Kaptcha, a strategic communications agency: Video Specialists with Purpose.

In simple terms, we think strategically. We believe that video is most effective when it's part of a considered strategy: one that supports and compliments business’ goals and needs. So we offer award-winning videos, expertise in video strategy, production and distribution all under one roof.

This year we’ve filmed across 6 continents for some of the biggest corporate names in the world and we’re even delivered videos for an Olympic bid pitch. We’ve created engaging content that, importantly, delivers measured results, whether it’s for internal communications, marketing, events, conferences or something else entirely.

We’re proud of our extensive in-house team of broadcast programme makers and our corporate freelancers from commercials and the BBC. They’re not only some of the best in the business, they’re also polite, reliable and sensitive to working with high level execs, employees, members of the public, celebrities and presenters.

But it is the recent launch of our Video Strategy Workshops that has everyone talking! We show businesses how to use video more efficiently and effectively , producing results that can be measured. Whatever your need, and however you need it, Kaptcha can help.

For more information contact Richard Thomson on:

+44 (020) 7486 4491



Hello, we’re Synergy Creative.

Brand engagement is all about a positive and seamless customer experience at every touch point. Here at Synergy, we believe that begins with your people.

Our inside out approach inspires your employees to be brand ambassadors, and turns your customers into brand advocates.

We start on the inside, with insight-driven, motivating and creative employee engagement campaigns. From the moment they join with induction and onboarding, to bringing to life your vision and values, reward and recognition or launching a new direction, we know how to create that consistent employer brand.

Once we're under the skin of your brand, we then plan, design and produce brilliant creative marketing campaigns that really get your customers talking, fully supported and embraced by your people.

It's a win-win situation – customers have a consistent, fantastic brand experience delivered by informed and driven employees.

Our dynamite strategic thinkers, creative designers and IC obsessives have helped companies including Ladbrokes, Morrisons, Sodexo, ODEON and the NHS inspire employees and make a real difference to their businesses.

But don’t just listen to us…The Drum Independent Agencies Census 2015 Elite list has just placed us eighth out of 245 agencies.

For all the latest news, views and resources from the world of IC visit our Internal Communications Hub: http://www.synergycreative.co.uk/internal-comms-hub

For more information contact Gemma McGrattan on:

+44 (0)117 962 1534



SnapComms has been helping companies get employee attention for over eight years. We do this by pushing communications directly to the device staff are using cutting through the noise and clutter of emails and other bulky communication solutions.

We’ve changed the way businesses communicate with their employees - switching them to engaging messages communicated by  desktop alerts,   collaborative   newsletters,  surveys and  eye catching screensavers,  SnapComms has a range of tools to solve your company's communication challenges, from healthcare to education, telecommunication to retail - we have a tool to help you get employee attention.

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We love and admire interesting press releases, invitations to events and product reviews that inspire and motivate bloggers to post. We have great press releases uploaded from brands/PR/social agencies to inspire future blog posts.

With specific consideration to bloggers, we offer an inviting and visible environment where a brand can put his Press Release in front of bloggers, and bloggers can pick what matters to them.

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Praise for 2014:

A great way to inspire new ideas and realise you share issues with other businesses

Brand and Communications Manager,  Insights

Fast paced, jam packed, nice mix of interesting topics and speakers

Client Service Director,  WMW

An ambitious Internal Comms line up which delivers - I left full of ideas and primed for action

Internal Communications & Events Manager,  Nestle Central & West Africa

Useful and thought provoking!

Head of Group Communications, The AA